Mining Complex

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Mining Complex

Name Mining Complex
Location Omicron Akua
Type Base
Status -
Gameplay mode Survival
Life Support -
Weapons Internal defenses
Crafting -
Cargo lots of Cargo Box!
Loot Lots of materials, items, ore

Description[edit | edit source]

Try to find this Mining Complex on Omicron or Akua!

It has a multi-floor basement - the deeper you get below the earth the harder it gets, designed like a maze; but it's worth the pain because the complex is full of loot.

General Strategy[edit | edit source]

Unless you are well prepared you will die, a lot. But it can be completed with Assault rifles and some strategy.

  • You'll be needing these resources, more or less: 140 Iron Ore, 120 Magnesium Ore, 20 Copper Ore, 20 Silicon Ore, 20 Cobalt Ore. Or their equivalent in ingots/powder, If you are playing with easy start, you already have everything you need.
  • Make at least 2 Assault Rifles, 3 or 4 recommended.
  • Craft over 600 rounds of 5.8mm Bullet, the more the merrier.
  • If you don't have one, craft a Core (Player)
  • If you are in Omicron, craft over 25 Small Oxygen Bottle
  • Take your weapons, ammo, healing items, Oxygen and Core.
  • On your way there, grab any healing plants available
  • You should tackle the Mine during the day, as the complex will be more illuminated, use the night to scour for healing items or at least keep to areas with lights.
  • The first level of the Mining Complex should be safe, but as always be wary in higher levels of difficulty. You might wanna leave a Work Light at the door if you have one, to help finding the mine entrance at night.
  • Go down the ramp, and leave the extra rifles, two thirds of your ammo, most of the extra Oxygen and the core in one of the Cargo Boxes. If you die, you simply spawn nearby, run to the mine and grab your spares.
  • To destroy the doors on your path, you can use the Projectile Pistol, since you now have a more powerful weapon and want to conserve ammo.
  • Destroy the first door, and then turn left. (the door on the right is a dead end)
  • Destroy each door until you reach the Elevator Blocks at the end of hallway with a green light.
  • Go down, this is the first wave of enemies. Fire short bursts (click, wait, click). You can retreat into the elevator and go up, they won't follow (up until Alpha 3.x.x)
  • When they are dead, immediately attack the Enemy Spawner, it's the device on the floor with the light coming out in a cone. 1 and half clip should be enough. You can safely loot their corpses now.
  • Now take the next elevator up towards the end of the room, you can scout with the construction drone first to check for the Nightmare Creatures movements.
  • Kill the Nightmares on each corridor and destroy any Spawner as soon as you can.
  • If you retreat into the elevator, go down immediately, they won't follow down, but they can enter the elevator block
  • If at any point you are infected with Alien Parasite, you probably don't have the Antidote Injection, so just store everything upstairs and suicide by scavenging outside the base or in the menu, you might even collect more healing plants!
  • Aliens 'generally' don't go up/down stairs, so those are good chokepoints, but don't be overconfident
  • You have 2 options, you can try to take the base now, and deal with the aliens while more prepared or charge ahead.
  • If you want to take the base, head left, kill any Nightmares, go back for the Core, jump through the vent, and go down the stairs, destroy the Alien Core and replace it. You can now open doors, and control lighting. You will need Fuel Pack (Promethium). The plus side is that you can increase the output of all lights, so the base won't be so dark. Use 'p' to summon the Base Control Panel and configure the lights, load fuel in the tanks, etc. You have the option to move now, craft some more items & devices, spawn here from now on, make a Multi Tool to break walls easily, etc.
  • If you just want to go ahead (or you already captured the base), take the right, keep killing nightmares, the large room has several Spawners, you can try running around, dodging and reloading, while blasting them. Nightmares can be 'safely' killed from the stairs.
  • After wiping the menace, most loot is in this room.
  • The following section is a series of long hallways designed that twist and turn, keep scouting with the drone, advance, kill and break spawners.
  • Retreat to the elevator when under attack by several Nightmares. It seems they can't reach you in this Elevator, so you can dispatch them calmly with the Pistol.
  • The room at the end of the 'maze' has 3 spawners, the best option is to charge in, dodge any nightmares and concentrate fire on the spawners, even if you die, you just grab spare weapons and charge right back in. That's it!

And now, some poetry:

Once the last one if dead,
no more Spawners left,
the calm silence reigns again
while your rifle cools down
You got yourself a beautiful base!

  • Besides all the easily findable loot you have there is 1 Epic and 1 Rare loot crates hidden, Do find them!
  • If you set up base here, and make a MultiTool, you can dismantle most of the base for building material, Hundreds and Hundreds of all kinds of building materials.
  • If you don't want to use so much fuel, you can dismantle the 4 generators in the final room, and the 2 large ones in the hallway. Or just leave 1 small one. Also remove most of the lights and place new ones were you need them.
  • The Alien Blocks from the cave system don't give resources, but the computers and stuff from other rooms do.

History[edit | edit source]