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Warp is the conceptual process of travelling long distance instantaneously by bending the space between the origin and destination. In Empyrion: Galactic Survival universe Warp or warp jump is used to travel between planets. A link=Warp Drive}} Warp Drive is needed to make a warp jump. This huge device can only be placed on a Capital Vessel which makes CVs the only vessel capable of travel between planets (or distant parts of space).

Doing a Warp Jump[edit | edit source]

--Under Construction--

a. Add a warp drive to the Capital Vessel
b. Add a warp drive fuel tank to the Capital Vessel, and fill it with Pentaxit (enough for 1 unit per AU to travel)
c. Get into the cockpit of the CV and open the map with M key (default)
d. Select a destination from the list on the left and click “Lock target” on the bottom right.
e. If the target planet is already in the field of view, a blue rectangle will show up. If the target-planet is out of sight, a blue arrow will show up on one of the side of the screen. Turn the vessel towards that direction, until the target-planet gets in sight and shows the targeting-rectangle.
f. Move the crosshair of the ship in the center of the blue rectangle.
g. Make sure that everyone on the CV is sitting in a passenger seat.
h. Accelerate to at least 50m/sec, then hit K (default button) to activate the warp drive.