Alien Insect

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Alien Insect
Alien Insect.png
Passive unless provoked
Attack method
Special Attack
Poison, Stun
Alien Parts
Alien Tooth
Raw Meat
Experience Gain

The Alien Insect is an alien insect that is passive unless provoked. If you get very close or stare at it, it may posture against you, showing its small fanged mouth and waving back and forth. You will not be attacked if you back away from its challenge. If you fail to heed the warning, it may attack. That said, alien insects are quite peaceful and will require a prolonged provocation before they will react.

Though slow-moving in general, a provoked alien insect will move surprisingly fast, and you may not be able to dodge its attack. When struck, a human will often suffer a brief Stun effect for five seconds. This significantly reduces mobility, allowing the alien insect -- and especially additional insects -- to swarm the player.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Experience (XP)[edit | edit source]

In Empyrion there are four different settings for difficulty which has an effect on the XP of a fauna. The table below will show you what the XP values are per difficulty.

Difficulty Experience
Easy +480XP
Medium +320XP
Hard +163XP

Note: XP values will vary based on Custom settings done by Player or Admin

Location[edit | edit source]

Alien insects are commonly found in the Tropical Forest on the planet Akua but can be found wandering through the Open Plains.

History[edit | edit source]