Alien Plasma T6

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Alien Plasma T6
Alien Plasma T6.png
Medicine Ingredients
Acquired from
Alien Plasma T6 (Plant)

Alien Plasma T6 can be harvested from regrowing plants on Omicron and Zeyhines and is used to make Large Medikit.

Crafting using Alien Plasma T6[edit | edit source]

Item Inputs link=Survival Constructor}} Survival Constructor link=Small Constructor}} Small Constructor link=Large Constructor}} Large Constructor link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor link=Food Processor}} Food Processor
link=Large Medikit}} Large Medikit link=Aloe Vera}} Aloe Vera (3)
link=Purified Water}} Purified Water (5)
link=Alien Parts}} Alien Parts (1)
link=Alien Plasma T6}} Alien Plasma T6 (2)
No.png No.png No.png No.png 10 s

Further information[edit | edit source]

This plant used to be found on Akua but that is no longer the case.

This plant is named AlienPlantPod2 in the game file playfield.yaml. Please read the guide and create a backup before editing any game files.

Information on this page is accurate as of Alpha 5.0.2

Alpha 8.1.1 - can be found underwater on most planets including Akua or craftable.