Alien Plasma ZR1 (Plant)

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Alien Plasma ZR1 (Plant)
Alien Plasma ZR1 Plant 01.png
Non-farmable Plant
link= Alien Plasma T6}} Alien Plasma T6
Experience Gain
+150xp for collecting

Alien Plasma ZR1 (Plant) is a type of alien plant that looks like three purple long stalk with three bean like fruit/flower on the top of them while swaying in wind on the planet Omicron. While on Akua the plant looks like a large brown mushroom fully grown. When collected the plant shrinks in size and will regrow after sometime. After collection the plant appearance stays the same with the bean like fruit/flower on the top of them removed and becomes rigid.

Experience (XP)[edit | edit source]

In Empyrion there are four different settings for difficulty which has an effect on the XP of the plant. The XP for a plant also is effected by collecting, planting, and harvesting. The table below will show you what the XP values are per difficulty and what method the player is using.

Difficulty Collecting
Easy +150XP
Medium +100XP
Hard +51XP

Note: XP values will vary based on Custom settings done by Player or Admin.

Location[edit | edit source]

Alien Plasma ZR1 (Plant) can be found all over Akua (mostly found in tropical or forest areas) and fertile soil patches on Omicron. On the planet of Tallodar they can be found in the Open Plains usually under tall tree's shaded from the sun.

History[edit | edit source]