Alien Tower

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Alien Tower
Alien Tower V3.jpg
Ion Cannon, Rocket Turret, Sentry Gun
NPC Guardians
Drones, Croghums
Ores,Refined Resources Weapons, Ammo, Crafting Ingredients
Omicron Moon Akua Moon
Features Present
Cargo Box
Gravity Generator
Small Fuel Tank, Small Generator

There are four types of Alien Tower present in the game, namely Tower V1, Tower V2 Tower V3 and Tower V4. All towers can be found on Omicron Moon.

Base Design[edit | edit source]

All four types of tower have a Core Room and a long Tower (3 long towers in case of V4) over them made with Black Hull Blocks and InteriorLight blocks. V1 and V2 have the entrance to its core room via a hole beneath the tower, V3 and V4 have an entrance door. V1 and V2 tower have three cargoboxes and the core in the core room. V3 tower has a small generator, a small fuel tank, a large constructor and four cargoboxes in their core room. The core is located beneath the floor of the room. V4 has multiple large generators, large fuel tanks and cargoboxes in the core room

Defenses[edit | edit source]

Main defense of the Towers are an Ion Cannon at the top of each of the tower(s) and Multiple Ion Cannons at the base of the turrets. Tower V1 and V2 have four Ion Cannons. Tower V3 and V4 have six of them.Additionally Tower V3 has 2 Sentry Guns at the Entrance gate, Tower V4 has multiple Sentry Guns at the entrance, core room and above the core room. Also multiple Drones defend all the towers. Tower V4 also have multiple Croghums inside the core room.

Loots[edit | edit source]

There are a total of three Cargo Boxes in Tower V1 and V2 and Four Cargo Boxes in Tower V3 and V4 to loot. Also many types of crafting ingredients can be obtained by deconstructing the base components and structure with a repair/removal tool. Some of the following items can be found in the cargo boxes in random number.

Ores and Ingots[edit | edit source]

link=Iron Ore}} Iron Ore link=Copper Ore}} Copper Ore link=Cobalt Ore}} Cobalt Ore link=Silicon Ore}} Silicon Ore link=Neodymium Ore}} Neodymium Ore link=Promethium Ore}} Promethium Ore link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot link=Copper Ingot}} Copper Ingot link=Cobalt Ingot}} Cobalt Ingot link=Silicon Ingot}} Silicon Ingot link=Neodymium Ingot}} Neodymium Ingot link=Promethium Pellets}} Promethium Pellets

Crafting Ingredients[edit | edit source]

link=Steel Plate}} Steel Plate link=Metal Pieces}} Metal Pieces link=Electronics}} Electronics link=Cables}} Cables link=Control Device}} Control Device link=Glass Plate}} Glass Plate link=Pipes}} Pipes link=Mechanical Components}} Mechanical Components link=Motor}} Motor link=Reactor Core}} Reactor Core link= Capacitor Device}} Capacitor Device

Farming and Food Items[edit | edit source]

link=Plant Grow Light}} Plant Grow Light link=Space Durian Sprout}} Space Durian Sprout link= Corn Sprout}} Corn Sprout link= Pumpkin Sprout}} Pumpkin Sprout link=Tomato Sprout}} Tomato Sprout link= Wheat Sprout}} Wheat Sprout link= Pearthing Sprout}} Pearthing Sprout link= Growing Plot}} Growing Plot

Medicine[edit | edit source]

link=Small Medikit}} Small Medikit link= Large Medikit}} Large Medikit link= Antidote Pills}} Antidote Pills link=Antidote Injection}} Antidote Injection link=Energy Pills}} Energy Pills link= Antibiotic Ointment}} Antibiotic Ointment link=Adrenaline Shot}} Adrenaline Shot link= Stomach Pills}} Stomach Pills

Weapons[edit | edit source]

link=Projectile Pistol}} Projectile Pistollink=Shotgun}} Shotgun link=Rocket Launcher}} Rocket Launcher link=Sniper Rifle}} Sniper Rifle link=Assault Rifle}} Assault Rifle

Ammo[edit | edit source]

link=Minigun Round}} Minigun Round link=Pistol Round}} Pistol Round link=120mm Missile}} 120mm Missile link=160mm MSL}} 160mm MSL link=Shotgun Shell}} Shotgun Shell

Gallery[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Alpha 1.0.0 : Tower V1 Introduced
Pre-Alpha 2.0.0 : Tower V2 Introduced
Pre-Alpha 3.0.0 : Tower V3 Introduced
Pre-Alpha 3.3.0 : Tower V4 Introduced, All the Tower now only can be found at the Omicron Moon.