Aloe Vera (Plant)

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Aloe Vera (Plant)
Aloe Vera (Plant).png
Farmable Plant
Farm Plot
Growing Plot Terrain
Aloe Vera Sprout
Aloe Vera
Experience Gain
+150XP for collecting
+200XP for harvesting
+8XP for planting

Aloe Vera (Plant) is a great source of Aloe Vera which can be used in crafting recipes. It is also a nice way to for a Player to collect experience, which will be rewarded XP. Once the plant has be collected/harvested it will leave a smaller version of it self behind for further growth. With the crop of this plant being used in crafting recipes it is seen being grown in farms of various alien structures and trading stations.

Crop[edit | edit source]

Experience (XP)[edit | edit source]

In Empyrion there are four different settings for difficulty which has an effect on the XP of the plant. The XP for a plant also is effected by collecting, planting, and harvesting. The table below will show you what the XP values are per difficulty and what method the player is using.

Difficulty Collecting Harvesting Planting
Easy +150XP +200XP +8XP
Medium +100XP +200XP +5XP
Hard +51XP +102XP +3XP

Note: XP values will vary based on Custom settings done by Player or Admin.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Aloe Vera (Plant) can be farmed by planting a Aloe Vera Sprout on a Growing Plot with a Plant Grow Light above it. With out oxygen, appropriate temperature and grow light the planet will wither and die. Planting a Aloe Vera Sprout in a growing plot will reward the Player XP, while harvesting the plant will also be rewarded XP. The plant takes 35 min to grow after planting and harvesting.

Location[edit | edit source]

Aloe Vera (Plant) is found growing naturally all over Akua. On the planet Tallodar you can find growing all over but more so in the Topical Forest. Omicron is a little less common and found only in the soil patches. The plant has been known to be found in POIs on Akua, Akua Moon, Trading Outpost and Trading Station.

Point of Interests[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • The plant is based on the real life plant Aloe Vera.