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Armor Boost.png Armor Boost, displayed in-game as ArmorBoost, is a Booster for Armor. Armor Boosters can only be applied to armor by inserting them into an available slot in the armor by using an Armor Locker (SV,HV) or Armor Locker (CV,BA). Armor Boost cannot be crafted and must be found in a Point of Interest. As the name implies, it boosts Armor related stats.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Armor: 54
  • Cold: -1
  • Food Factor: -0.26
  • Heat: -2
  • Jetpack Factor: 0.2
  • Jump Factor: -0.04
  • Power Factor: -0.04
  • Radiation: 1
  • Speed Factor: -0.06
  • Stamina Factor: 0.2

History[edit | edit source]