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Atmosphere is one of the important aspect of the Empyrion: Galactic Survival. There are two type of atmosphere, breathable and non-breathable. Atmospheric density also determine how much the range of a weapon will be, more dense the atmosphere, less distance the bullet will go.

Plant/Moon Breathable Atmosphere Atmospheric Density
Omicron Moon Template:0%/No 0.1Kg/m3
Akua Moon Template:0%/No 1Kg/m3
Masperon Moon Template:25%/No 1.431Kg/m3
Omicron No.png 1.6Kg/m3
Ningues No.png 1.387Kg/m3
Aestus Template:6%/No 1.425Kg/m3
Akua Yes.png 1.05Kg/m3
Skillon No.png 1.377Kg/m3
Aitis Template:6%/No 0.932Kg/m3
Masperon No.png 0.727Kg/m3
Zeyhines No.png 1.253Kg/m3
Oscutune Yes.png 1.217Kg/m3
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