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Base (BA)
The stock "BA_Prefab_Tier7a" Base
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Base Starter
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A Base is where a player will protect themselves from the hostile alien planet. A base is a static structure in which many useful devices like the Large Constructor and the Oxygen Station can be placed and used to make more advanced items or make life easier on alien planets. There are also Alien and Player bases all over the game universe. Find them here

Building a Base[edit | edit source]

Base Starter placement error message
  • First the player needs to build a link=Base Starter}} Base Starter.
  • The Base starter needs a flat surface to be placed down, which can be made using the drill.
  • The Base Starter can be placed after adequate amount of land is flattened.
  • The Base Starter is placed like any other block, except the ghost block shows only the outline. If the outline is RED it can't be placed and will show an error message saying You need to flatten the terrain first at the top right hand corner of the window if you try to place it.
  • After successfully placing the Base Starter block, the player needs to place a fuel tank (large or small) and add fuel to it.
  • the Player also needs to add generator (large or small) or solar capacitor
  • After that the player can turn on the power of the base by pressing the key Y (default).

The overall information and what essential parts are missing will show in Base Control Panel (Accessed via P (default) ). Name of the base and ownership can also be changed via the Base control Panel. Go here to find out more about ownership.

Note that as soon as the base gets turned on it will attract Drones.

Functional Parts[edit | edit source]

Following blocks are essential for a useful base-

NOTE:All the blocks mentioned above will not be available from the start. The player need to unlock them via Tech Tree

There are many more functional and decorational blocks for the base, which can be used to increase functionality of the base or make it look better. A complete list can be found here. Parts which can be attached in a BA are marked by a red dot in the upper left corner in constructor menu.

Space Station[edit | edit source]

Space Stations are bases made in space. They are identical to the planet bases in every way except in space there is no gravity. There is also no oxygen inside of a Space Station, so it is necessary to have your helmet on and a source of oxygen readily available at all times. Space Stations need a link=Gravity Generator}} Gravity Generator to create artificial gravity in space.

  • Find all the pre-made in-game space stations here
  • Space Stations are direction-locked to the sun: Always facing the sun with the same side.

Maintaining and Defending Base[edit | edit source]

  • The core denotes the ownership of the base. It is also the primary target of the attacking drones, so it needs to be very heavily protected. If a core is destroyed, the entire base is no longer owned by you, and anyone could re-core it to claim it.
  • Zirax base attack troopers will attempt to 'hack' your core and claim it for themselves during their base attacks, be sure to stop them!
  • The base needs power to function. Generators give that power and the fuel in fuel tanks supply fuel to the generator. Without power all the devices will shut down. Keep the fuel tank under close watch so they don't run out of fuel. You see see how much power time you have left in the Statistics tab of the control panel.
  • Place turrets to defend the base from attacking Drones and to clear out the surrounding area from hostile mobs.

Here is the list of Turrets which can be placed on the base

Find out more about maintenance here.