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Hull Block (Grey).png

All the blocks you need to build your awesome Base or Vessels.
Name Unlock Level
link=Hull Block (Grey)}} Hull Block (Grey) 1
link=Hull Slope (Grey)}} Hull Slope (Grey) 1
link=Hull Corner (Grey)}} Hull Corner (Grey) 1
link=Hull Inv (Grey)}} Hull Inv (Grey) 3
link=Base Starter}} Base Starter 1
link=Growing Plot}} Growing Plot
link=Hover Vessel Starter}} Hover Vessel Starter 3
link=Small Vessel Starter}} Small Vessel Starter 5
link=Capital Vessel Starter}} Capital Vessel Starter 7
link=Hull Quarter Round}} Hull Quarter Round 1
link=Hull Half Round}} Hull Half Round 1
link=Hull Curve Out Slope}} Hull Curve Out Slope 1
link=Hull Curve Quarter}} Hull Curve Quarter 3
link=Ramp Steep}} Ramp Steep 1
link=Ramp Top}} Ramp Top 3
link=Ramp Bottom}} Ramp Bottom 3
link=Interior Block}} Interior Block 7
link=Hull Wall}} Hull Wall 3
link=Hull Wall Corner}} Hull Wall Corner 3
link=Armor Plate}} Armor Plate 10
link=Truss Block L}} Truss Block L 1
link=Truss Slope}} Truss Slope 3
link=Truss Corner}} Truss Corner 3
link=Stairs Freestanding}} Stairs Freestanding 1
link=Stairs Wedge}} Stairs Wedge 5
link=Stairs Wedge Long}} Stairs Wedge Long 7
link=Interior Kitchen}} Interior Kitchen 5
link=Interior Kitchen 02}} Interior Kitchen 02 7
link=Interior Livingroom}} Interior Livingroom 5
link=Interior Livingroom 02}} Interior Livingroom 02 7
link=Interior Bathroom}} Interior Bathroom 10
link=Walkway}} Walkway 3
link=Walkway 2}} Walkway 2 5
link=Walkway Slope}} Walkway Slope 5
link=Interior Wall}} Interior Wall 3
link=Interior Wall Corner}} Interior Wall Corner 7
link=InteriorLight}} InteriorLight 3
link=Window Vert (trans)}} Window Vert (trans) 1
link=Window Slope (trans)}} Window Slope (trans) 5
link=Window Vert (non-transp)}} Window Vert (non-transp) 3
link=Window Slope (non-transp)}} Window Slope (non-transp) 7
link=Window Slope Inv (non-transp)}} Window Slope Inv (non-transp) 7
link=Window Vert 1x1}} Window Vert 1x1 1
link=Window Slope 1x1}} Window Slope 1x1 1
link=Hull Corner Large}} Hull Corner Large 1
link=Hull Corner Round Inv}} Hull Corner Round Inv 3
link=Hull Slope 1x2 Top}} Hull Slope 1x2 Top 3
link=Hull Slope 1x2 Bottom}} Hull Slope 1x2 Bottom 3
link=Hull Curve Out Slope Inv}} Hull Curve Out Slope Inv 3
link=Hull Corner Long A}} Hull Corner Long A 3
link=Hull Corner Long B}} Hull Corner Long B 3
link=Hull Quarter Round Inv}} Hull Quarter Round Inv 3
link=Hull Half Round Inv}} Hull Half Round Inv 3
link=Hull Quarter Round Thin}} Hull Quarter Round Thin 5
link=Hull SlopeThin}} Hull SlopeThin 3
link=Hull Corner Thin}} Hull Corner Thin 5
link=Hull Corner Round Thin}} Hull Corner Round Thin 3
link=Hull Corner Long C}} Hull Corner Long C 3
link=Hull Corner Long D}} Hull Corner Long D 3
link=Window Vert 1x2}} Window Vert 1x2 3
link=Window Vert 2x2}} Window Vert 2x2 5
link=Window Side 1x1}} Window Side 1x1 3
link=Window Corner 1x1}} Window Corner 1x1 3
link=Window Slope 1x2}} Window Slope 1x2 1
link=Window Side 1x2}} Window Side 1x2 3
link=Window Corner 1x2}} Window Corner 1x2 3
link=Window Side 2 1x2}} Window Side 2 1x2 3
link=Window Round Vert}} Window Round Vert 1
link=Window Round Corner}} Window Round Corner 3
link=Window Round Side}} Window Round Side 3
link=HullCylinder}} HullCylinder 3
link=Concrete Blocks}} Concrete Blocks 1
link=Wood Blocks}} Wood Blocks 1
link=Steel Blocks S}} Steel Blocks S 1
link=Steel Blocks L}} Steel Blocks L 1
link=Hardened Steel Blocks S}} Hardened Steel Blocks S 1
link=Hardened Steel Blocks L}} Hardened Steel Blocks L 1
link=Truss Block S}} Truss Block S 1
link=Armored Concrete Block}} Armored Concrete Block
link=Artificial Mass Blocks}} Artificial Mass Blocks

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