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All the components used in Constructors to craft items
Refined Resources

 • link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot • link=Copper Ingot}} Copper Ingot • link=Cobalt Ingot}} Cobalt Ingot • link=Neodymium Ingot}} Neodymium Ingot • link=Silicon Ingot}} Silicon Ingot • link=Sathium Ingot}} Sathium Ingot • link=Erestrum Ingot}} Erestrum Ingot • link=Zascosium Ingot}} Zascosium Ingot • link=Magnesium Powder}} Magnesium Powder • link=Rock Dust}} Rock Dust • link=Plastic Raw Material}} Plastic Raw Material • link=Promethium Pellets}} Promethium Pellets • link=Cement}} Cement • link=Wood Planks}} Wood Planks • link=Gold Ingot}} Gold Ingot • link=Pentaxid refined}} Pentaxid refined  


 • link=Fuel Pack Promethium}} Fuel Pack Promethium • link=Oscillator}} Oscillator • link=Metal Pieces}} Metal Pieces • link=Large Fuel Pack (Promethium)}} Large Fuel Pack (Promethium) • link=Energy Matrix}} Energy Matrix • link=Electronics}} Electronics • link=Glass Plate}} Glass Plate • link=Optical Fiber}} Optical Fiber • link=Mechanical Components}} Mechanical Components • link=Nanotubes}} Nanotubes • link=Computer}} Computer • link=Motor}} Motor • link=Capacitor Device}} Capacitor Device • link=Reactor Core}} Reactor Core • link=Fuel Pack Hydrogen}} Fuel Pack Hydrogen • link=Flux Coil}} Flux Coil • link=Power Coil}} Power Coil • link=Hardened Steel Plate}} Hardened Steel Plate • link=Fusion Cell}} Fusion Cell • link=Erestrum Gel}} Erestrum Gel • link=Cobalt Alloy}} Cobalt Alloy • link=Zascosium Alloy}} Zascosium Alloy • link=Heavy Weapon Upgrade Kit}} Heavy Weapon Upgrade Kit • link=Pistol Upgrade Kit}} Pistol Upgrade Kit • link=Shotgun Upgrade Kit}} Shotgun Upgrade Kit • link=Sniper Upgrade Kit}} Sniper Upgrade Kit • link=Spoiled Food}} Spoiled Food • link=Steel Plate}} Steel Plate • link=Motorbike Construction Kit}} Motorbike Construction Kit • link=Nitrocellulose}} Nitrocellulose • link=Plant Fibers}} Plant Fibers • link=Laser Upgrade Kit}} Laser Upgrade Kit