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Decoration Blocks

This are the blocks used for decoration only and have no practical purpose in the game yet....
Name Placibility Unlock Level
link=Bed}} Bed BACV 5
link=Sofa}} Sofa BACV 7
link=Kitchen Counter}} Kitchen Counter BACV 7
link=Dining Table Bench}} Dining Table Bench BACV 5
link=TV Table}} TV Table BACV 12
link=Control Station}} Control Station BACV 12
link=Bookshelf}} Bookshelf BACV 10
link=Bathroom Vanity}} Bathroom Vanity BACV 10
link=Toilet}} Toilet BACV 12
link=Bunk Bed}} Bunk Bed BACV 7
link=Shower}} Shower BACV 12
link=Artificial Indoor Plant 01}} Artificial Indoor Plant 01 BACV 5
link=Artificial Indoor Plant 02}} Artificial Indoor Plant 02 BACV 7
link=Artificial Indoor Plant 03}} Artificial Indoor Plant 03 10
link=Antenna (Deco)}} Antenna (Deco) BACV 5
link=Science Lab (Deco)}} Science Lab (Deco) BACV 7
link=Radar (Deco)}} Radar (Deco) 7
link=Console (Deco) 04}} Console (Deco) 04 BACV 12
link=Console (Deco) 03}} Console (Deco) 03 BACV 7
link=Console (Deco) 02}} Console (Deco) 02 BACV 7
link=Console (Deco) 01}} Console (Deco) 01 BACV 5
link=Capacitor CV (Deco)}} Capacitor CV (Deco) CV 10
link=Capacitor SV (Deco)}} Capacitor SV (Deco) SVHV 12
link=Bench NPC}} Bench NPC
link=Control Station NPC}} Control Station NPC
link=Reception Table NPC}} Reception Table NPC
link=Table 2 NPC}} Table 2 NPC
link=Table 1 NPC}} Table 1 NPC
link=Console NPC}} Console NPC
link=Sofa NPC}} Sofa NPC
link=Standing NPC}} Standing NPC
link=Standing NPC 2}} Standing NPC 2
link=Bench 2 NPC}} Bench 2 NPC
link=Table 3 NPC}} Table 3 NPC