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Fauna are any alien biological life capable of autonomous motion.
* Animals, golems and arachnids fall into this category. 
* For plants, see Flora.
* Drones and such can be found in the Robot category
* Fauna is different for each Planet

<gallery mode=packed heights=180px> File:Alien Assassin.png|Fauna File:Alien Bug.png|Alien Bug File:Alien Insect.png|Alien Insect File:Alien Scorpion.png|Alien Scorpion File:Arachnid.png|Arachnid File:Armored Golem.png|Armored Golem File:Crawler.png|Crawler File:Desert Golem.png|Desert Golem File:Desert Worm.png|Desert Worm File:Dino.png|Dino File:Lizard Mule.png|Lizard Mule File:Nightmare Creature.png|Nightmare Creature File:Otyugh.png|Otyugh File:Overseer.png|Overseer File:Plant Monster.png|Plant Monster File:Slime.png|Slime File:Snow Golem.png|Snow Golem File:Swamp Golem.png|Swamp Golem File:Zirax.png|Croghum