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Are you sick? Suffering from alien bites? Eat something nasty? Cure yourself with one of these...

Also see Foods

Crafted Medicine
Name Health Stamina Food Special Effect
link=Adrenaline Shot}} Adrenaline Shot 350
link=Antibiotic Ointment}} Antibiotic Ointment Cure Open Wound
link=Antidote Injection}} Antidote Injection Cures Alien Parasite
link=Antidote Pills}} Antidote Pills Cures Poisonous Bite, Food Poisoning
link=Bandages}} Bandages 80 Cure Open Wound
link=Energy Pills}} Energy Pills 1500(over time)
link=Large Medikit}} Large Medikit 350 Cure Open Wound, Food Poisoning, Bites
link=Small Medikit}} Small Medikit 120 Cure Open Wound, Food Poisoning
link=Stomach Pills}} Stomach Pills Cure Poison Food
Collected Medicine
Name Health Stamina Food Special Effect
link=Pixie Stalk Bundle}} Pixie Stalk Bundle 60 No.png No.png Cure Open Wound
link=Brafus Fungus}} Brafus Fungus 500 -20 -50 Cure Open Wound, Poison Food
link=Brown Mushroom}} Brown Mushroom 200 50 -25 Cure Open Wound
link=Spiky Mushroom}} Spiky Mushroom 200 -400 -50
link=Varon Root}} Varon Root 250 -20 -50 Poisonous Bite
link=Egg}} Egg 15 -50 No.png
link=Alien Spike Lemon}} Alien Spike Lemon -10 250 0
link=Textured Plant Protein}} Textured Plant Protein 100 50 20
link=Alien Honey}} Alien Honey 20 0 75 Cure Open Wound


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