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Space.. The final frontier..or a place to die horribly

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File:Masperon Orbit.png|Masperon Orbit 
File:Zeyhines Orbit.png|Zeyhines Orbit 
File:Skillon Orbit.png|Skillon Orbit 
File:Trading Outpost.png|Trading Outpost 
File:Alien Outpost.png|Alien Outpost 
File:Aitis Orbit.png|Aitis Orbit 
File:Akua Orbit.png|Akua Orbit 
File:Omicron Orbit.png|Omicron Orbit 
File:Ningues Orbit.png|Ningues Orbit 
File:Aestus Orbit.png|Aestus Orbit 
File:Akua Orbit.png|Elia Orbit 
File:Omicron Orbit.png|Maiy Orbit 

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