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@HummeloWar -please do not create page and files with SV/CV etc in it. Use infobox and category to separate which goes where. use only the name of the weapons in page title and file name. That way if some weapon moved to CV to SV or some new type of vessel introduce, you don't need to change the whole page name and all pages link to that page.--Navonil

I am building an overview. Will sort this out in 2nd walkthrough ;-) PS: The item link template can't handle/distinguish between identic filenames as weapons are named the same for different vessels. So i needed a temporary workaround. -- HummeloWar

Yes there are weapons of same name for CV/SV/BA but we don't need to create separate pages for all of them. e.g. Rocket Turret will have only one page with 3 type of turret description and construction recipe in them With category turret, CV weapon, SV weapon and BA weapon .. for file name we can use SV/CV etc so we don't face problem constructing recipe menu. But do we need to have page for each one of them??? we will face this same thing for thrusters and other ship components too..--Navonil

We'll (re)group similar placable items with similar or identic usecases or same function with only different designs into one multi-item page. Like Tanks or Constructors or Thrusters etc (Example: Dino. In the end, we'll reduce the page count a lot -- but we have to start somewehre (even if my workflow currently is not that efficient .. but effective ^^). For example: you added a page "Bread". That's perfect single-item, because there are no similar items (until Eleon wants to add some of the 731 brands of german bread :D ) Weapons and Tools are slightly different, because we have a defined seperation into "Weapon" and "Ammo" and their usecase.

Mid-term, we'll break down all the Constructor Schematics and Food Recipes Overview pages into Categories (that's what we have started now). The Category-pages will itself give some hand-crafte "vertical" grouping and base infos (like on the Category:Weapons page in addition to the horizontal "alphabetical" grouping. The vertical grouping will contain parts of the (to be abandoned) overview pages in the long run. That's at least my plan. ;-)-- HummeloWar