Drill (T2)

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Drill (T2)
Tools and Weapons
8 kg
7 m
Compatible Ammo
link=Drill Charge}} Drill Charge
Magazine Size
Reload Time
2.9 sec
Acquired by
Crafting, Points of Interest
Unlock Level
Unlock Point

The Drill (T2) is an upgraded version of the Drill. It can be crafted at a Large Constructor or found in Points of Interest.

Alert shown when pointed at a Ore chunk

Usage[edit | edit source]

Using the T2 Drill is almost the same as the base drill. The key differences are that the T2 drill mines faster, does not drop chunks upon mining (and instead transferring ore straight to the player's inventory), and also has a variety of useful functions that can be selected using the Right Mouse Button.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Resource Mining[edit | edit source]

Resource Mining has the same function as the base drill.

Stone Removal[edit | edit source]

Stone Removal has the same function as the base drill.

Flattening[edit | edit source]

Upon aiming at an area of terrain, the T2 Drill attempts to find the average height of the terrain in a roughly 4m diameter and mines/fills the terrain to meet that height. It does not use up any materials to fill terrain and does not give you any resources for mining terrain.

Filler[edit | edit source]

The T2 Drill creates rock terrain on already existing rock terrain. With this, you can fill holes in terrain and create mounds of rock. Filling does not use up resources. Mining terrain created this way does not yield stone chunks.

Terrain Removal[edit | edit source]

The T2 Drill comes equipped with a Terrain Removal mode. This mode excavates parts of the terrain much quicker than the default mining mode, but gives no chunks. It is most useful for removing large areas of land if you do not have access to vessel-based drills.

Output Inputs link=Large Constructor}} Large Constructorlink=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor
link=Drill (T2)}} Drill (T2) link=Electronics}} Electronics (2) 20 s14 s
link=Drill (T2)}} Drill (T2) link=Silicon Ore}} Silicon Ore (5)
link=Copper Ore}} Copper Ore (5)
link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor