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Emergency Ration

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Emergency Ration
Emergency Ration.png
Cooked Food
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Emergency Ration is the most complex food available in the game. Once eaten it adds 300 food points and gives a decent amount of stamina as well. Notably, this food never perishes and stacks. Thus Emergency Ration represents the ultimate food storage method, and is the best food for long voyages. However, this food requires many ingredients, and is thus a middle-to-late game food.

Note that the total food points available from the ingredients is 520, while an Emergency Ration only provides 300 food points. When food is scarce or is to be consumed immediately, the Emergency Ration should not be crafted.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Items # Ingredients #
Purified Water 1 -> Water Jug 1
Hot Beverage 1 -> Buds 2
Fruit Juice 2 -> Fruit 4
Energy Bars 6 -> Plant Protein 12
Salami 3 -> Spice 3 Meat 3

Emergency Rations can be crafted from all Farmable items exept the Purified Water. If you can get a water supply going you can farm all that is needed on for instance CV's / Space Stations.

For this you need a total crop in reverse of:

Ingredients # Becomes
Water Jug 1 -> Purified Water (10)
Buds 2 -> Hot Beverage
Fruit 4 -> Fruit Juice
Spice 3 -> Salami
Vegetables 18 -> Meat (Salami) and Energy Bars

You can grow your required ingredients in a 9 plot (1 growlight) grid.

Place 3 Spice, 2 Large Alien Flower, 1 Pearthing and 3 Pumpkins.

Every harvest is exactly 1 Emergency Ration (add 1 Purified Water.

History[edit | edit source]