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Farming is a very good way to build a self-sufficient base in terms of food. Some types of foods and Ingredients can only be obtained by farming. In Empyrion : Galactic survival farming is done by planting sprouts in a Growing Plot and placing a Plant Grow Light above them. Sprouts can be made in Food Processor. Farming gives a good amount of xp (100xp for planting, 200xp for harvesting at difficulty level 2) which helps to level up faster in early stages in the game.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

At minimum, the following are needed:

Farming requires an oxygenated radiation-free space

With the introduction of oxygenated rooms and radiation in Alpha 6.0.x, radiation makes plants die quasi-instantly. Lack of oxygen prevents the growth of plants, but does not kill plants.

Basic Setup[edit | edit source]

A small functional farm

In order to start farming:

  • Place one or more Growing Plots with the dirt side up (default orientation) on either a Base or Capital Vessel.
  • Place the Plant Grow Light on the ceiling above the Growing Plot.
    • There should be a two block gap between the Growing Plot surface and the ceiling; one block is occupied by the Plant Grow Light, and the other will be occupied by the plant growing in the Growing Plot.
  • Place a Sprout on top of the Growing Plot; a seedling will appear.
  • Leave the base running for the growing time of the planted sprout. The playfield also has to be loaded, i.e. a player has to be in the same playfield.
  • Use the interaction key (default 'F') to harvest the plant once it is mature (see Farmable Plants for images).

Farming for Efficiency[edit | edit source]

  • The most efficient, self-sustaining food is Canned Vegetables.
  • If you intend to do your planting and leave for longer than 35 game-minutes, an equal ratio of all plants is preferred.

To learn more about farming see the farming guide (outdated).

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