Food Poisoning

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Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning.png
Status Effect (Negative)
-00.50 pts/s (Real-time)
-00.50 pts/s (Real-time)

Food Poisoning is a negative Status Effect which is received following untreated Indigestion, or as a result of consuming unsafe foods[verification needed].

If left untreated, Indigestion can lead to Fever Attack.

Side Effects[edit | edit source]

Once the effect has been received, Health and Food will be slowly drained, while Stamina levels will decrease more rapidly.

If left untreated, the player will suffer Fever Attack which can ultimately lead to Organ Failure.

Treatments[edit | edit source]

Category Medical Items Medical Stations Other Consumables
Items Antitoxic Pills

Antitoxic Injection

Detox Kit

Medical Station

Medical Station Type 1

None None

A Note on Effect Calculations[edit source]

The Health, Food, Stamina and Oxygen effect values displayed on this page do not take into account natural loss or regeneration of the stats in question.

For example, while standing still, the player will regenerate Stamina at a rate of +18 pts/s. If a Status Effect such as Food Poisoning is currently active, the player's Stamina will be affected by the Status Effect at a rate of -25 pts/s.

This results in a total rate of -7 Stamina pts/s, while standing still ((-25) + 18 = -7).