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Index: GameAPI > CmdId

ItemStack[edit | edit source]

Class used to represent a single inventory item.

Properties[edit | edit source]

public int id;[edit | edit source]

Id representing item. Refer to list.

(Or refer to config_example.ecf file)

public int count;[edit | edit source]

Count of item from id (amount of this item).

public byte slotIdx;[edit | edit source]

Position of item in toolbar/backpack/countainer.

public int ammo;[edit | edit source]

Current ammo level of weapon. (If not a weapon, should be 0)

public int decay;[edit | edit source]

If perishable, state of items decay.

Methods[edit | edit source]

public ItemStack()[edit | edit source]


public ItemStack(int nid, int ncount)[edit | edit source]

Constructor, with parameters.