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ModGameAPI[edit | edit source]

This is the Interface for you to send requests and calls to Empyrion.

void Console_Write(string txt);[edit | edit source]

This will write the provided string to the server's log file

ulong Game_GetTickTime();[edit | edit source]

This get's the game's current tick, and be used for game time comparison and assesment

bool Game_Request(CmdId reqId, ushort seqNr, object data);[edit | edit source]

This submits a request to the game. Note that the bool only indicates whether or not there was an error in the call, the response to requests will be provided as calls to the Game_Event function.

ulong Debug_GetLastPackageReceivedTickTime(int clientId);[edit | edit source]


bool Debug_GetNwStatistics(int clientId, out int bytesReceived, out int packagesReceived, out int bytesSent, out int packagesSent);[edit | edit source]

....I haven't used this at all

float Debug_GetFps();[edit | edit source]

I really have no idea what this is in the context of the server