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ModInterface[edit | edit source]

Interface Empyrion will use to access your mod. This is what Empyrion will call from your DLL. All mod DLLs must have this interface implemented in their DLL for Empyrion to recognise the mod.

void Game_Start(ModGameAPI dediAPI);[edit | edit source]

This is called when the game starts. The ModGameAPI that is passed will be used by your mod for communication with the game

void Game_Update();[edit | edit source]

It is during the invocation of this function that you are allowed to submit to the ModGameAPI using the Game_Request function.

This occurs on every game_update (tick)

void Game_Event(CmdId eventId, ushort seqNr, object data);[edit | edit source]

This is called by the game when a qualifying event is triggered. Note that the prototype for this function is the same as Game_Request. The arguments to the function describe the event that has occurred in the game.

Parameter Description
CmdId eventId Enum representing what event was triggered.
ushort seqNr When related to a request, this will match the corresponding request's sequence number.
object data Additional information that may be relevant. See CmdId for more detail.

You can also submit to the ModGameAPI using the Game_Request function, from here.

void Game_Exit();[edit | edit source]

This is called on exit, and is a signal that you should dispose/clean up any resources that were in use