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The 'big modlist'[edit | edit source]

Please feel free to add your mod to this list!

On how to install mods, please refer to this article: How to Install a mod

Note, that some mods might require additional installation. Be sure to refer to the mods info page, for more on this, if applicable. The guide is general instructions.

(Note, that dependencies is 'requires this other mod' to function, ie. you need the specified mod(s) installed aswell)

Overview[edit | edit source]

Please only add active mods to this list! (Mods that are relevant to a server-owner & currently functional)

Please add a link to the mod, in the 'modname' column. Link must be to the entry on this page!

Mod name Type Description Author
SpotGuard Server SpotGuards primary focus is on managing server slots. It provides whitelisting option, prioritizing some users over others, and more. It introduces two core concepts: VIP & Reputation. Also provides MOTD's, commands on join, and more. Exacute
CommandCrate Server CommandCrate allows you to do quite advanced commands, that can be hooked to events, or used as normal chatcommands. It effectively functions as a plugin container. Use this to easily create things for your server. Exacute
AdminTools Server couple of commonly requested tools, in-game teleport and mailbox/storage Lostinplace
BaseAlign Gameplay Helps you to align one BA to another, using their ingame IDs (use 'di' to find). Supports relative offsets in XYZ. ASTIC

Template[edit | edit source]

Please copy the template provided and add it under the category, your mod belongs to.

<Insert Mod Name here>[edit | edit source]

  • Creator: <Who originally developed the mod? (Should at least be forum name. You can also add Steam/Discord/etc. handle)>
  • Maintainer: <Who is currently maintaining the project (if any!). If not maintained, how to obtain source code, if possible - who to contact?>
  • First released: <When was the mod first introduced to the public? dd/mm-yyyy>
  • Last-known working version: <status (Functional/not functional)> <Last checked at game-version> (If the mod is confirmed broken, and is not being maintained, anyone should feel free to edit this!).
  • Where to find additional information: <Forum link / steam post / github readme / etc>
  • Where to download: <Link to download the mod, or instructions on how to obtaining the download link>
  • Free/Donate/Payment: <Free (Anyone can grab it free of charge) / Donate (requires 'any amount' donated, to download) / Payment (Requires 'amount' to download)
  • Dependencies: <None / The mod(s) required to run it / a required executable>
  • Source: <Open / Closed / ? source. Is the code available to the public? Can it be edited? If open-source, please try to provide a link to the source-code! Please try to be as precise as possible, when providing a link (easier to find = better)>
  • Description:

<Description of the base functionality of the mod. What does it do?>

Please try to provide as precise links as possible. No one likes having to look through one/several directories/lists to find the download/code/etc

Server/Administration Mods[edit | edit source]

Mods listed here are for servers / server-owners, to change some behaviour of the game server-side, such as who is allowed to join, or to provide tools to manage the userbase.

EmpyrionAdminTools[edit | edit source]

This is the implementation of a couple of commonly requested tools, in-game teleport and mailbox/storage

You can use the commands "\at teleport me to sean" or "\at teleport chris to me" or, "\at teleport chris to sean"

Additionally, mods can "mail" items to players using "\at mailbox" players can store ites in their mailbox, and they will remain through server reset

SpotGuard[edit | edit source]

SpotGuards primary focus is on managing server slots. It provides a whitelisting option, prioritizing some users over others, and more. It introduces two core concepts: VIP & Reputation.

Additionally, it provides MOTD's, and tier-specific join-commands (such as messages, or commands run, based on VIP/Reputation/Admin status)

Please refer to the forum post for all that SpotGuard can help you with!

CommandCrate[edit | edit source]

CommandCrate (CC for short), is a mod that effectively works as a plugin container.

The purpose of CC is to offer an 'easier to use' API, that doesn't require any real coding on your part.

It allows you to create your own custom 'commands' in YAML, that can do all sorts of things to one or several players.

Please refer to the forum post for more details!

Empyrion Structure Clean Up[edit | edit source]

Clean the shared directory of the SaveGames of unused / referenced objects

Empyrion Mod Host[edit | edit source]

Mod for host other MODs in a seperate Host-EXE so these are capable to restart, debug, .NET 4.6 etc...

Empyrion Web Access[edit | edit source]

A web frontend for managing an EmpyrionServer (similar to the EAH), as a MOD so that it can also be used seemless in game hosting. !!! WIP !!!

Gameplay Mods[edit | edit source]

Mods listed here, changes the gameplay in some way or the other - Something that the end-user (the player) gets to interact, and directly benefit from, and is developed primarily for them.

Suicide Command[edit | edit source]

/suicide command, to kill self.

Inventory Sorting[edit | edit source]

mod thats sorts the player's inventory by the item's id.

Bounty[edit | edit source]

Has that guy gotten to you? Put a price on his head!

Lottery[edit | edit source]

Add a lottery game to your server! Let your players enjoy a little bit of gambling.

Empyrion Notices[edit | edit source]

Empyrion Notices is the successor to Death Messages. Rewriting the mod allowed me to setup a framework that will allow for more user options and room for expansion. Since this is the first version, feedback will be greatly appreciated.

PermaDeath[edit | edit source]

Is the game too easy? Has death lost meaning? Perhaps you need a little PermaDeath.

Faction Storage[edit | edit source]

Lets players in the same faction access a shared storage area.

'No kill' zone[edit | edit source]

Lets admins jail and release players from a configured jail location. Also puts players in jail who kill other players in "protected" areas.

Playfield Structure Regen[edit | edit source]

Regenerates POIs or asteriods when a playfield is loaded.

Playtime Reward (xp)[edit | edit source]

Gives a configured amount of XP points to every player every configured amount of minutes while they are logged in.

Ship buying (for credits)[edit | edit source]

Lets players buy ships for credits.

Starter Ship[edit | edit source]

Grants each player a one-time ship.

Structure Ownership (Capture-the-core)[edit | edit source]

It gives periodic rewards to any faction that captures the core of configured ships/buildings. You then use /income to take out the items you've earned. The idea is that it gives purpose in PVP to take over bases in space/planet. It also reduce the need to use autominers as you could capture a "steel block" factory or something.

Voting Rewards[edit | edit source]

Calls REST API to give configured rewards to players every day they vote.

Hint: Improved and refactored for direct load with the EWA Mod manager:

Empyrion Base Align[edit | edit source]

Helps you to align one BA to another so that seamless building is possible, using their ingame IDs (use 'di' or 'P/Statistics' to find). Supports relative offsets in XYZ and rotation in XZY

Empyrion Teleporter[edit | edit source]

Configure and use Teleportspots everywere --- BA<=>CV, CV<=>CV, BA <=>BA ,....

Empyrion Passenger[edit | edit source]

Fly as a passenger while you are logged out

Empyrion Chat Auto Translate[edit | edit source]

Chat messages can be translated automatically with this mod. For this foreign-language players must be deposited in which language they communicate

Other Mods[edit | edit source]

Mods in this category is mostly relevant to other modders, but listed here, as they may be dependencies for other mods.

EPM[edit | edit source]

  • Creator: Jascha
  • Maintainer: Jascha
  • First released: Unknown
  • Last-known working version: Functional. Last checked at A8.1
  • Where to find additional information: N/A
  • Where to download: N/A
  • Free/Donate/Payment: Free, non-downloadable
  • Dependencies: EAH
  • Source: Closed-source
  • Description:

EPM is shipped with the default server files, and is used by EAH to function.

Simplified Mod API Framework[edit | edit source]

This is a framework for building Empyrion Mods. it runs natively (in-process) and creates strongly-typed methods for API calls, that handle returns through callbacks framework that takes a way a lot of the plumbing, and replaces it with an API that uses the C# type system to help you tp write mods.

Mod Hotloader[edit | edit source]

mod to help you manage your mods!

Chat Command Manager[edit | edit source]


Related to modding[edit | edit source]

Listings here, are technically not mods, but may be executables / mod-related tools. Some may also be dependencies for running certain mods.

Python API[edit | edit source]

API to do some things with the game-API in python, rather than C#

Morthlaths' Mod loader[edit | edit source]

This is a wrapper for the Empyrion Mod API and a system to run mods without having to restart the game server. It uses the existing TCP port used by EAH to connect to the game server.

- - Deprecated mods - -[edit | edit source]

These mods are listed for archival purposes. They are assumed to no longer be in working condition and/or no longer maintained. Use at own risk.

Deprecated - Server[edit | edit source]

These mods likely no longer works, or are at the very least, no longer maintained

HelpCommand [Download links are broken, assumed deprecated][edit | edit source]

A simple mod to use the textbox to display useful information about mods, server rules and whatever else the server staff wants.

Deprecated - Gameplay[edit | edit source]

These mods likely no longer works, or are at the very least, no longer maintained

Crew Progression (Deprecated)[edit | edit source]

Changes the experience / progression mechanic to be faction-based rather than player based

Faction Playfield Kicker (Deprecated)[edit | edit source]

(Deprecated as it's a part of EAH now) Keeps people not belonging to a specifc faction out of a playfield if they try to warp in.

Sell items (Deprecated)[edit | edit source]

(Deprecated as it's a part of game now) Lets you configure an area where you can type /sell and sell items back to the server for credits. Prices are configured in yaml (including a default price if you want to accept any item).

ActiveRadar [Download links are broken, assumed deprecated][edit | edit source]

RadarContacts are marked on the map until the marker cap is reached

VirtualBackpack [Download links are broken, assumed deprecated][edit | edit source]

Deprecated - Other[edit | edit source]

These mods likely no longer works, or are at the very least, no longer maintained

Dirty ItemId Parser [Download links are broken, assumed deprecated][edit | edit source]

EntityOwnership [Download links are broken, assumed deprecated][edit | edit source]

Discord Bot (Deprecated)[edit | edit source]

(Deprecated as it's a part of EAH now) Connects in-game general chat to a specific channel in your Discord server. Two-way communication.

Unsorted mod data[edit | edit source]

(If you are lazy, add your mod data down here.. (please) Make sure it atleast answers the 'questions' asked by the format, so someone (hopefully eventually) will prettify it into it)