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PlayerInfo[edit | edit source]

Class used to pass player information.

Properties[edit | edit source]

public int clientId[edit | edit source]

Id of client

public float radiation[edit | edit source]

Current radiation?

public float radiationMax[edit | edit source]


public float bodyTemp[edit | edit source]

Current bodytemperature?

public float bodyTempMax[edit | edit source]


public int kills[edit | edit source]

Amount of kills by player?

public int died[edit | edit source]

Amount of deaths by player?

public double credits[edit | edit source]

Amount of credits on player

public float foodMax[edit | edit source]

Maximum footbar value?

public ItemStack[] toolbar[edit | edit source]

Array of items in players toolbelt.

public int exp[edit | edit source]

Amount of experience (gained or currently had?)

public int upgrade[edit | edit source]

Amount of upgrade points (gained or currently had?)

public float bpRemainingTime[edit | edit source]

Current time remaining on blueprint construction?

public Dictionary<int, float> bpResourcesInFactory[edit | edit source]

Dictionary of <itemid, amount> in blueprint (?)

public string bpInFactory[edit | edit source]

? Possibly name of current blueprint being produced

public List<string> producedPrefabs[edit | edit source]

List of all produced prefabs by the player?

public int ping[edit | edit source]

current? ping of the player to the server

public ItemStack[] bag[edit | edit source]

Array of items in the players bag.

public int permission[edit | edit source]

Permission-level of the player.

public float food[edit | edit source]

current? foodvalue of the player.

public float stamina[edit | edit source]

current? stamina of the player.

public int entityId[edit | edit source]

Entitiy ID of the player

public string steamId[edit | edit source]

SteamId of the player. (Unique entity for each copy of the game, should the user have several)

public string steamOwnerId[edit | edit source]

For most cases, the same as steamId. Will be the *main account*s ID, in the case of several game-copies registered to the same steam account.

public string playerName[edit | edit source]

"friendly" name of the player.

public string playfield[edit | edit source]

Name of the playfield the player currently is at.

public string startPlayfield[edit | edit source]

Name of the playfield the player started at.

public PVector3 pos[edit | edit source]

Likely a x,y,z coordinate of the players position.

public float staminaMax[edit | edit source]

Maximum value stamina can have for the player?

public PVector3 rot[edit | edit source]

Likely a x,y,z rotation value of the player (looking at)

public byte factionGroup[edit | edit source]

Likely which factiongroup the player belongs to (Assumingly faction in this content is player/alien/neutral/...

public int factionId[edit | edit source]

ID of faction player belongs to

public byte factionRole[edit | edit source]

Role in faction. (permission?)

public float health[edit | edit source]

Current? value of the players health

public float healthMax[edit | edit source]

Maximum value the players health can be.

public float oxygen[edit | edit source]

Current? vale of the players oxygen

public float oxygenMax[edit | edit source]

Maximum value the players oxygen can be.

public byte origin[edit | edit source]

origin-choice. Not too much of a clue to this.


public PlayerInfo()[edit | edit source]