Iron Ingot

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Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot.png
Refined Resources
16 kg
Acquired by
Crafting, Looting Cargobox

Iron Ingot is one of the most basic Ingot in the game. Most of the basic crafting components for base building need Iron Ingot to make.Iron Ingot can be crafted from Iron Ore or found in cargo-boxes of Alien Structures.The Escape Pod contains 350 Iron Ingot when a new game is started in survival mode.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Output Inputs link=Survival Constructor}} Survival Constructorlink=Mobile Constructor}} Mobile Constructorlink=Large Constructor}} Large Constructorlink=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor
link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot (10) link=Iron Ore}} Iron Ore (5) 8 s7 s5 s3.5 s
link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot (10) link=Iron Ore}} Iron Ore (5) link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor

Schematics using Iron Ingot[edit | edit source]

Item Inputs link=Survival Constructor}} Survival Constructor link=Small Constructor}} Small Constructor link=Large Constructor}} Large Constructor link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor link=Food Processor}} Food Processor
link=Steel Plate}} Steel Plate (10) link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot (2) 3.2 s 2.8 s 2 s 1.4 s No.png
link=Hardened Steel Plate}} Hardened Steel Plate (10) link=Metal Components}} Metal Components (2)
link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot (5)
link=Sathium Ingot}} Sathium Ingot (4)
8 s 7 s 2 s 1.4 s No.png
link=Cobalt Alloy}} Cobalt Alloy link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot (2)
link=Cobalt Ingot}} Cobalt Ingot (3)
No.png No.png 2.1 s No.png No.png

History[edit | edit source]