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Life Stats

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Health[edit | edit source]

  • Health: 500 hit points (max)
  • Health slowly drops after having been poisoned during combat
  • Health drops somewhat rapidly when out of Oxygen
  • Health can be restored (and poisoning effects be removed) by Medicine or Food.
  • Please refer to Food Processor Recipes (Overview)

Food[edit | edit source]

  • Food: 500 units (max)
  • A full “stomach” lasts for around 70 minutes realtime when the player is idle. The player uses more food when walking (1.5x) and running (2x).
  • If the player's Foodbar reaches zero, the player will suffer 30 damage to their health every 6 seconds until food is consumed (or the player reaches 0 Health and dies). Health lost through hunger in this manner is not restored after food consumption, the player will have to heal themselves afterwards using Medicine or a Medic Station
  • The foodbar can be replenished by eating collected or crafted Food items
  • For crafting, please refer to Food Processor Recipes (Overview)

Oxygen[edit | edit source]

  • Oxygen: 500 units (max)
  • A full charge lasts for around 45 minutes realtime when the player is idle. The player uses more oxygen when walking (1.5x) and running (3x).
  • The Oxygen bar can be replenished by using an Oxygen Station.
  • Oxygen can be replenished by equipping and using a small oxygen bottle, or by holding the Shift key + right clicking it in your inventory.

Stamina[edit | edit source]

  • Stamina decreases when running and replenishes when idle (currently, oxygen consumption is not yet linked to stamina level)
  • Stamina can be restored by using collected or crafted Food items