Pentaxid raw material

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Pentaxid raw material
Pentaxid raw material.png
Akua Moon, Points of Interest (cargo box)
Acquired by
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Pentaxid (raw material) is the component required to create Pentaxid refined, which is the fuel used to power a Warp Drive. These blue crystals can be collected by hand, and are found in the water on Akua and Omicron, spread out on the moons of these planets, and on the surface of all planets within certain biomes.

If you have a space-capable ship, the most abundant source of Pentaxid (raw material) is on the moon of Akua. Be aware that power stations with weaponry are periodically placed across the moon's surface. It is suggested that you bring a motorcycle and weaponry with you. Also keep in mind that most small ships cannot refine Pentaxid (raw material) so plan to bring enough warp fuel for the return trip home.

Large crystal formations that yield 2 or more crystals can be found in great amounts within the mist biome on Ningues.

As of Alpha 1.4.4 0405, the player drone (default F5) can be utilized underwater, aiding in the collection of these crystals (and Seaweed). This is possibly unintended behavior, and may change.

Pentaxid raw material used to be known as Blue Crystal.

Pentaxid may also be found on asteroids (rarely) in asteroid belts.