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Resource Meteorites were introduced in Empyrion: Galactic Survival to maintain the supply of resources in multiplayer servers (they fall in Single Player game too). Resource Meteorites of a resource start to fall on planets when the total amount of that resource in the Resource Deposits of that planet drop below 10%. Players get an alert on their HUD (top right corner) about an impending meteorite fall. Players can see the meteorite falling with its trail blaze if he/she is in the vicinity. Resource meteorites contain only one resource and their size starts to reduce as the player mines them.They completely disappear when all resource from the meteorite have been mined.
Meteorite labels can be seen in the HUD which shows only the name of the resource and distance from the player, not the size or amount left like Resource Deposits. The position of the meteorites shown in the HUD map but not in the planet map.

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