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Sathium Ingot

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Sathium Ingot
Sathium Ingot.png
Refined Resources
14.4 kg
0.75 SU
Acquired by
Refining Sathium Ore

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sathium Ingot is created by refining Sathium Ore using a Large Constructor, Advanced Constructor or Furnace.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Sathium Ingot is used in the production of the Flux Coil, a component used for building Devices for both the Capital Vessel and Small Vessel.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Output Inputs link=Mobile Constructor}} Mobile Constructorlink=Large Constructor}} Large Constructorlink=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor
link=Sathium Ingot}} Sathium Ingot (10) link=Sathium Ore}} Sathium Ore (5) 7 s5 s3.5 s
link=Sathium Ingot}} Sathium Ingot (10) link=Sathium Ore}} Sathium Ore (5) link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor

Crafting Using Sathium Ingot[edit | edit source]

Item Inputs link=Survival Constructor}} Survival Constructor link=Small Constructor}} Small Constructor link=Large Constructor}} Large Constructor link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor link=Food Processor}} Food Processor
link=Flux Coil}} Flux Coil link=Cobalt Ingot}} Cobalt Ingot (2)
link=Neodymium Ingot}} Neodymium Ingot (5)
link=Sathium Ingot}} Sathium Ingot (2)
No.png No.png 7 s 4.9 s No.png
link=Hardened Steel Plate}} Hardened Steel Plate (10) link=Metal Components}} Metal Components (2)
link=Iron Ingot}} Iron Ingot (5)
link=Sathium Ingot}} Sathium Ingot (4)
8 s 7 s 2 s 1.4 s No.png