Small Vessel

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Small Vessel (SV)
The stock "SV_Prefab_Tier6" Small Vessel
Starter Block
Small Vessel Starter
Unlock Lvl
5, (7 for Thrusters)
Unlock Pts
Speed and Capability
50 m/s ⟷, 90 m/s ↕
115 m/s
Yes.png 15 UA

Small Vessels, often abbreviated as SV, are the most versatile, all purpose vessels in the Empyrion: Galactic Survival universe. A huge selection of weapons can be installed in a small vessel, which makes them efficient attack vessels. These vessels can also fly to orbit and go to the moon (if the planet has one) without needing a Capital Vessel.

Building[edit | edit source]

There are many more functional devices, building blocks, and decoration blocks that can be placed in a small vessel. These can be found here.
Parts that can be attached to a small vessel are marked by a green dot in the upper left corner in the constructor menu.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Small vessels can fly and have a higher speed than HV, which makes them very good vessels for exploring the planet.
  • Small vessels can fly to orbit and fly around in space, so they are useful for exploring the space near the planet. Also if there is a moon in orbit, they can go there too.
  • A small warp drive can be placed on small vessels, which allows travel between planets (less than 15 UA of distance.)
  • Many types of weapons can be installed in small vessels. This makes them good long range attack vessels which can destroy defensive turrets of Alien Structures from far away.
  • As of Alpha 12.3.0 There are automatic turrets for SV, however they are limited in range. This makes them risky to raid POIs or mine, as they could be attacked while you are outside.