Space Durians

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Space Durians
Space Durians.png
Cooking Ingredients, Collected Food
Food Point
Health Point
Stamina Point
Perish Time
30 min
Acquired from
Space Durian (Plant)
Acquired by

Space Durians are yellow vegetable harvested from a mature Space Durian (Plant) (a tall, conical-shaped plant with large green leaves). It can be eaten directly, or processed into a number of recipes via the the Food_Processor: Space Fries, Dino Stew Royal, Canned Vegetables, Ratatouille, and Emergency Ration. In addition, it can be converted into two Space Durian Sprout.

Despite sharing the name, it should be noted that the Space Durian in Empyrion has no resemblance whatsoever to the real fruit, Durian. The real-life Durian is a large, strong-smelling fruit, while the Space Durian in Empyrion resembles a yellow bell pepper.

Crafting using Space Durians[edit | edit source]

Item Inputs link=Survival Constructor}} Survival Constructor link=Small Constructor}} Small Constructor link=Large Constructor}} Large Constructor link=Advanced Constructor}} Advanced Constructor link=Food Processor}} Food Processor
link=Dino Stew Royal}} Dino Stew Royal link=Space Durians}} Space Durians (1)
link=Pumpkins}} Pumpkins (1)
link=Ham}} Ham (1)
link=Purified Water}} Purified Water (5)
No.png No.png No.png No.png 10 s
link=Ratatouille}} Ratatouille link=Tomatoes}} Tomatoes (1)
link=Space Durians}} Space Durians (1)
link=Pumpkins}} Pumpkins (1)
link=Bread}} Bread (1)
No.png No.png No.png No.png 10 s
link=Space Durian Sprout}} Space Durian Sprout (2) link=Space Durians}} Space Durians (1)
link=Purified Water}} Purified Water (5)
link=Nutrient Solution}} Nutrient Solution (1)
No.png No.png No.png No.png 15 s
link=Space Fries}} Space Fries link=Space Durians}} Space Durians (1) No.png No.png No.png No.png 5 s

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