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{{item link|<item name>|size=|image=}}

Displays a link to the item and adds a item icon in front of it.


unnamed parameter 1
Item name.
Optional parameter to set the width.
Optional parameter to specify the image filename if it is not the same as the item name or if the format is not png.


  • link=Bed}} Bed ← is produced from {{item link|Bed}}
  • link=Aloe Vera Sprout}} Aloe Vera Sprout ← is produced from {{item link|Aloe Vera Sprout}}
  • link=Ahax Fruit}} Ahax Fruit ← is produced from {{item link|Ahax Fruit|size=52px|image=Ahax Fruit.png}}


To avoid html bloat, item link is not in a "nowrap". If you wish for a nowrap effect, please add them to the general table style.