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Warp is the conceptual process of travelling long distance instantaneously by bending the space between the origin and destination. In Empyrion: Galactic Survival universe Warp or warp jump is used to travel between planets. A link=Warp Drive}} Warp Drive is needed to make a warp jump. This device can be placed on a Capital Vessel to travel between planets.

A small warp drive can be placed on SV to travel to nearby planets (<15 UA).

Doing a Warp Jump[edit | edit source]

--Under Construction--

a. Add a warp drive to the Capital Vessel
b. Add a warp drive fuel tank to the Capital Vessel, and fill it with Pentaxid (refined) (enough for 1 unit per AU to travel)
c. Get into the cockpit of the CV and open the map with M key (default)
d. Select a destination from the list on the left and click “Lock target” on the bottom right.
e. If the target planet is already in the field of view, an orange rectangle will show up. If the target-planet is out of sight, an orange arrow will show up on one of the side of the screen. Turn the vessel towards that direction, until the target-planet gets in sight and shows the targeting-rectangle.
f. Move the crosshair of the ship in the center of the orange rectangle.
g. Make sure that everyone on the CV is sitting in a passenger seat.
h. Accelerate to at least 50m/sec, then hit K (default button) to activate the warp drive.