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Hover Vessel

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A Hover Vessel (often abbreviated) as "HV" is the most basic transport vessel of Empyrion: Galactic Survival. It can hover up to 3 meters above the ground and can jump a short distance using boost (shift+space <default>). It is also amphibious. It cannot leave a planet on it's own but can be docked with a Capital Vessel to move between planets. If you managed to flip it over, use SHIFT to flip it upright.

Building a Hover VesselEdit

Error message shown when an attempt is made to place HV starter in space

There are many more functional devices, building blocks and decoration blocks that can be placed on a hover vessel, which can be found here. Parts which can be attached to a hover vessel are marked by a blue dot in the top section of the part's tile in the constructor menu.

To learn more about building a functional HV, click here


  • Components for hover vessel can be unlocked at low levels, so they can be built early.
  • HVs consume very little fuel which makes them ideal for early game exploration when fuel is scarce.
  • Though the HV does not have many Vessel Mounted Weapons, it has a good selection of automatic turrets which help defend it and its occupant while mining or during base raids. It has an advantage over Small Vessels for this reason.